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Mercedes C Class. On two occasions i have taken my car for mot and repair, at Dorridge autos ,43 Station Rd, Knowle, Solihull B93 0HN , each time they lie to you that they have spent hours fixing an issue usually electrical is there favourite, try to charge you an extortionate price then you check your car and find that they never fixed the issue at all as issue still there with dashboard warning lights. On another other occasion i broke down and had RAC roadside assisitance , my RAC mechanic was very good and showed me the relay issue and how to unplug the relay then get it repaired, it took the RAC 15 minutes to remove the relay by removing four bolts from inside the boot of my car , the RAC mechanic then plugged it back in so I could drive the car to dorridge autos. I took the car to Dorridge autos who said they would fix this for me and that it was a simple job , but then said after a day that they could not fix it and removing it was a big job, I then insisted that I would post the relay off myself to a relay specialist and collect it that day off dorridge autos, they agreed but sent the relay off themselves without my permission , then called me a week later and said the relay could not be fixed and then attempted to charge me 3 hours labour at £150.oo plus VAT even though they apologised for accidentally sending the relay off. On another occasion I had an airbag light come on and Dorridge autos stated they would fix this as it was a simple problem, Dorridge autos explained to fix the airbag light there was a wire under the drivers seat that they spent hours fixing, and they had now fixed the wires under the seat and the airbag warning light was now off. I paid , then started the car and the airbag light was actually still on, they had lied again to me. On another occasion I had an intercooler engine hose leaking air, as diagnosed by the RAC , who removed it by jacking up the passenger front side of the car and taped it up within 20 minutes then replaced it back on as a temporary measure and told me to order a new hose giving me the part number code . I ordered the hose off dorridge autos, which they said by phone it had arrived two days later, I took my car to Dorridge autos, who stated the hose had not been ordered , I argued that they had confirmed its arrival by phone, after a while they finally found it , and told me it was going to be a big job to replace as it was very difficult to access this part of the engine, I explained that it was not difficult at all as RAC removed and fitted it back in 20 minutes , they then changed their mind and said ok will will fit it free as you have ordered the part off us and paid for MOT and oil change. I got charged £250.00 in total for a simple MOT (£42.00) oil change (£40.00) (hose part £42.00 ) total should have been £124.00 but the other £126.00 they said was for removing the hose. They then stated that there was abrake light issue and the mechanic had been working on it all afternoon and at 530pm was still busy working on it, I thenimmediately walked to the rear of dorridge autos and asked the mechanic what the problem was, he replied no problem at all , car was ready two hours ago ! Again the shop owner had been lying to me. Disgusting and unbelievable ! never experienced this level of treatment ever ! I will never go near dorridge auto spares ever again. Mike Taylor (by the way most web review companies make you post review annonymously with a computer generated ridiculous name!) so your review looks false then when you submit , the website produces an error.   05-10-18